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Frame Kit for VORON 2.4 3d Printer

Frame Kit for VORON 2.4 3d Printer

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Unassembled kit includes aluminum extrusion and hardware pack.

  • Blind Joints or Misumi Corner Brackets (Cubes) versions.
  • Misumi brand extrusion
  • All pieces are cleared from the shavings and individually wrapped.
  • Extrusions are cut to size, wrench access holes drilled, ends tapped as necessary.
  • Includes angle connectors and all the hardware required to assembly the frame.
  • Compatible with VORON 2.4 version.

Included parts:

Part description Qty Notes
Misumi HFSB5-2020-240 1 240mm
Misumi HFSB5-2020-330 1 330mm
Misumi HFSB5-2020-350 2 350mm
Misumi HFSB5-2020-370-TPW 10 370mm tapped M5
Misumi HFSB5-2020-430-LCP-RCP 4 430mm with access holes
Misumi HFSB5-2020-390-TPW 4 390mm tapped M5
Misumi HFSB5-2020-290 1 290mm
Misumi HFSB5-2020-380 1 380mm
Misumi HFSB5-2020-400 2 400mm
Misumi HFSB5-2020-420-TPW 10 420mm tapped M5
Misumi HFSB5-2020-480-LCP-RCP 4 480mm with access holes
Misumi HFSB5-2020-440-TPW 4 440mm tapped M5
Misumi HFSB5-2020-340 1 340mm
Misumi HFSB5-2020-430 1 430mm
Misumi HFSB5-2020-450 2 450mm
Misumi HFSB5-2020-470-TPW 10 470mm tapped M5
Misumi HFSB5-2020-530-LCP-RCP 4 530mm with access holes
Misumi HFSB5-2020-490-TPW 4 490mm tapped M5
Misumi HBLCR5-B 8 Misumi Corner Bracket (Cube)
OpenBuilds Angle Corner Connector 4
M5x16 BHCS 20
M5x10 BHCS 4
M5 T-nut HNTAJ5-5 4
M5 washers 4
M5x16 BHCS 4
M5x10 BHCS 4
M5 T-nut HNTAJ5-5 4
M5 washers 4


All extrusions are cut by Misumi. Drilled and tapped in DigMach workshop.

Unused and fully intact kit in its original condition can be returned up to 30 days after the purchase.